Garlic Aioli Potato Salad Recipe (2024)



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The ingredients call for 3 eggs plus one egg yolk, but the directions tell us to use only 2 eggs and and the egg yolk. What of the third egg? Is it a typo?


This is the ONLY potato salad my family likes. I've done this recipe several times, changing things up a bit now and then.
Dry roast the garlic, first
Add chopped bacon, &/or
Add chopped parsley or other fresh herb, &/or
omit the salt and add anchovies and capers


Thank you all for the suggestions. The first time, I used a blender. I have tried again with my food processor, using the tiny hole in the pusher/liquid dispenser to drizzle in the oil. This time it worked! I will also make sure the ingredients are all at room temperature in the future.


I cannot get this mayonnaise to thicken. I have tried twice now and end up with a liquid, not mayonnaise. What could I be doing wrong? I used a blender, a fresh egg yolk, and good olive oil. Help!

Karen L Davis

Are you using a food processor or a blender, as they suggest? I've had the same problem with another mayo-ish sauce that started with a very small amount of liquid, when I used a food processor -- even a mini version. I switched to a blender and -- boom! -- it worked perfectly. The shape of a blender really makes the difference.

Barbara Jafelice

I roasted the garlic, adding an extra clove and 1/2 tsp of Dijon mustard.....


You can use pasteurized raw eggs which I believe is safe. That's what I use in my Caesar salad dressing


I use a plastic condiment squeeze bottle to add the oil because I'm just too clumsy to do it any other way. That way I can just dribble it in.


I used 3 hard boiled eggs. Already had two egg yolks which I used for the aioli. Then experienced a mayonnaise fail and used another egg to rescue. No regrets.

Brian Gorman

Step 2 incorporates the lonely egg yolk into the aioli. Mystery solved!


You could try Greek yogurt which has way less lactose but not none or you can buy a dropper bottle of lactase enzyme from amazon and add it to the sour cream 24 hours before use and it will break down the lactose in the sour cream.

Karen L Davis

Yummy. First time I've done a potato salad that doesn't use some form of vinaigrette on the potatoes while they're hot. Used fingerling potatoes, because I had them on hand. They cooked in about 15 min.


Ingredients have to be room temp. Oil has to be dribbled in for a few seconds until the mixture combines, then increase the flow to a slow stream. This works for me with a blender as well as a small food processor with the small hole in the lid. Also, I have always used an entire egg in both appliances with no ill consequences, and I've been making this for years with 3/4 cup oil, and If anything, it's a tad thick, but hello water, or 1 cup oil! Hope this helps :)


I noted some folks have roasted the garlic rather using grated garlic. Remember, different methods of preparing garlic lead to different levels of garlic oxidation with grating giving the highest oxidation and the strongest bite. Leaving the garlic whole then roasting will give the mildest of garlic flavors. If 'bite' is off-putting to some, one would first double or triple the quantity of garlic and then consider adding in some grated garlic to bring up the level of bite.


Outstanding! Used electric mixer for mayo and started by adding oil slowly in teaspoon amounts. (Read elsewhere using fewer than 2 egg yolks in blender doesn't provide enough volume for everything to mix together.) Reduced salt and added capers and tarragon.Truly delicious!!

Tante Stacey

Delish! Use Garlic Chives if at all possible. It really makes this potato salad special. I did "cheat" and used store bought vegan mayo, so the length of time it took was cut considerable. Didn't have to deal with the Aioli not working....Left out the Sour Cream cuz I din't have any Vegan SC, and the Eggs, but I think that would add to the creaminess. This is a definite keeper and something to consider for a pot-luck or BBQ.

Mark Smith

A really nice potato salad that has a lot of spunk and taste even better after a few hours in the fridge. I did add some smoked paprika, a teaspoon of Dijon and a bit less olive oil. The left overs were even better. My observation is that the whole dish taste better than the parts: Very intriguing!!


For thickening issues, a few tips: 1. Leave the garlic out until the egg yolk, lemon juice, salt, and oil come together 2. Use vegetable or canola oil instead of olive 3. Try a single-whisk hand mixer if you have one

Mary Ellen

Immersion blender. That is all. Perfect for the aioli.


Cuisinart is a challenge to make mayo in. Recommend starting with 1/4 C peanut or grape seed oil. Add garlic at the end.


I just can't get this to thicken into aioli - it emulsifies nicely but remains liquid like a dressing. Its a bummer.


Along with many others, I also could not get the aioli to thicken. I followed the advice of another commenter and refrigerated it for a bit, let the oil rise to the top, and siphoned it off. Mixed with the sour cream and fresh tarragon and dill. Very good.

mb hebert

Has anyone added a bit of quality cooked bacon to this final salad? Or as a garnish? To me, this recipe screams for some bacon. (That could be me-- many things call out for bacon to me.)


I found this potato salad rather bland and dry, despite generously seasoning with salt & pepper. I added a little more lemon juice, some pickle juice, evoo and diced pickles. I was hopeful about this recipe because I love making aioli/mayonnaise from scratch. I do have to disagree with using only olive oil in the aioli, as that tends to make it bitter. Instead 1/3-1/2 evoo is the max I use to make aiolis.


Add garlic chives.

Juan Luis

This recipe is very good, and the garlic mayonnaise is gorgeous. Aioli though is traditionally garlic and olive oil and nothing more—no egg— It's an emulsion, a suspension, not a hom*ogenisation like mayonnaise. it's hard to succeed in doing. But a little gives taste to a lot. Eat with codfish and boiled or steamed whole vegetables—and potatoes, and egg. You have to taste it because it's very different from mayonnaise


Delicious! Made with peeled Yukon potatoes. Next time add celery and red onion to potatoes instead of aioli in case all aioli isn’t needed.


Rescuing mayo fail (thin, soupy mess): put 1-2t water into a bowl, then slowly dribble in your mayo soup while whisking.

Dorothy Spears

We added fresh from our garden: lemon thyme, parsley, and a handful of tender bitter Asian greens (in addition to chives), and doubled the garlic in the aioli--it was DIVINE!!

Dorothy Spears

Also, subbed in good yogurt for sour cream, and nixed hard boiled egg.

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Garlic Aioli Potato Salad Recipe (2024)
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