10 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Incredibly Easy To Pull Off (2024)

I get it — not everybody is Martha Stewart, and loads of people don't consider spending a day in the kitchen chopping and stirring to be terribly relaxing. Or, maybe you've already got an elaborate Thanksgiving menu in the works, but you're in the market for a couple last-minute Thanksgiving recipes and sides to add as finishing touches to your spread. But either way you slice it, there are some absurdly easy ideas out there that you can have ready to rock in just a few short steps.

One thing I've learned since getting really into cooking is that dishes don't necessarily have to be complicated to be delicious. Some halved cherry tomatoes with minced garlic and a drizzle of olive oil in the oven is a wonderful and healthy side dish. A good piece of grilled fish squeezed with lemon is one of my boyfriend's favorite foods.

From turkey and potatoes to sauces and souffle, here are 10 of the best recipes the Internet has to offer in terms of super-easy Thanksgiving dishes that will wow your friends and family when you show up to any party — or when you set your own table filled with deceptively simple foods. They're so easy, you barely even need a recipe.

1. Yam Souffle

Just put everything in the food processor, shuffle it into the oven, and watch as it emerges ready to serve. Get the scoop over at Foodie Crush.

2. Two-Ingredient Pomegranate Spritzer

Two ingredients and you're done with this simple co*cktail. Just combine one part pomegranate liquor with three parts Prosecco, and you're ready to rock. Thank the wizards over at The Kitchn for this one.

3. Zingy Stuffed Pepper Appetizer

All you need is three ingredients, and you're done with this colorful finger food. Just slice the peppers lengthwise, remove seeds, pile on the goat cheese, and drizzle with honey. The herb garnish and sprinkle of salt are optional — if you're feeling super ambitious. After 10 minutes of baking, these bad boys are ready for prime time. Head over to A Spicy Perspective for more pics and details.

4. Insanely Easy Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries, orange juice, sugar, and rum — sounds like the recipe for a delicious sauce that will sit proudly atop the piles of turkey on everyone's plates. Savory Sweet Life has you covered on the details.

5. Slice And Roast Potatoes

Any recipe where the oven does all the work, you can do. It's as easy as baking a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough — maybe even easier, because the raw potatoes are less tempting. Damn Delicious will show you how to make the magic happen.

6. Magical Bacon Brussels Sprouts

I stand by the thinking that there isn't another way to eat Brussels sprouts besides roasted with garlic and bacon. This quick and easy recipe will have you enjoying the world's most misunderstood vegetable in a little less than 20 minutes. Damn Delicious strikes again with this gem.

7. Snickerdoodle Peanut Butter Chocolate Chex Bites

Don't let the adjective-heavy title fool you — these are as easy as the stuff you used to make at Girl Scout camp. These require zero oven time too, and are served at room temperature, making them perfect for Thanksgiving. Half Baked Harvest is responsible for these adorable treats.

8. Mini Puff Pastry Pumpkin Pies

These little guys are perfectly portioned pumpkin pies for after a gigantic Thanksgiving meal. They're light and fluffy, and ready in a flash. These will come together in a little over a half hour. Find the recipe at A Spicy Perspective.

9. Ritz Cracker Puppy Chow

Peanut butter and chocolate strike again with these no-bake goodies. This is a great dish to get kids to help with if you've got some bored children around, as there's basically no way to mess this up. Find the step-by-step instructions at Half Baked Harvest and become the Pied Piper of the kitchen.

10. Crown Jewel Turkey For Dummies

If you thought this list would wrap up without a mention of turkey, think again. This recipe is perfect for the procrastinator since the butterflied bird cooks in less than two hours. It's doubly simple, since you don't have to stuff it with anything at all. Find the details at the Crepes Of Wrath.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

For more Thanksgiving ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Foodie Crush; The Kitchn; A Spicy Perspective (2); Savory Sweet Life; Damn Delicious (2); Half Baked Harvest (2); Crepes Of Wrath (2)

10 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Incredibly Easy To Pull Off (2024)
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